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Ancient Egyptian Math Websites

Egyptian Math Website 1

Egyptian Math Website 2

Egyptian Math Website 3

Ancient Egyptian Tomb Project Websites

Egyptian Jewelry and Gems

Natural Resources Map

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Political Maps of Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Kingdoms and Dynasties

Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens by Dynasty

Ancient Egyptian Research Project Websites

1. Ancient Egypt: The British Museum (Daily Life, Gods/Goddesses, Pharaohs, Pyramids, Temples, Writing)

2. Mummies of Ancient Egypt

3. Life in Ancient Egypt (Daily Life, Gods and Religion, Funerary Customs)

4. Mr. Donn’s Ancient Egypt (Mummies, Hieroglyphics, Pyramids/Sphinx, King Tut’s Tomb, Inventions, Gods /Goddesses, Daily Life, Nile)

5. Ancient Egyptian Culture (Daily Life, Art, Military, Architecture, Hieroglyphs, Religion, Government, Maps, History, Archaeology)

6. History for Kids: Ancient Egypt (Environment, Clothing, Food, Science, Economy, Hieroglyphs, Games, Art, Pyramids, War)

7. Egyptian Diamond seems to be a good site? but reliable? you decide

8. The Pyramids

9. Ancient Egyptian Games

10. Pyramids, Mummies, and Daily Life (hieroglyphs, pharaohs, food, clothing)

11. Ancient Egyptian Hunting

12. Hunting and Fishing in Ancient Egypt

13. Rediscover Ancient Egypt: The Sphinx

14. Mining in Ancient Egypt

15. Ancient Egyptian Foods and Diet

16. Ancient Egyptian Food

17. Ancient Egyptian Homes

18. Ancient Egyptian Homes and Professions

19. Egyptology Online: Daily Life (homes, family life, education, how the wealthy live)

20. Wikipedia