Mesopotamia Web Sites
Iceman at the Museum

1. Daily Life in Ancient Sumer (art, religion, education, social classes, women, homes)

2. . Ancient Sumer

3. Mr. Dowling’s Electronic Passport (Sumerians, Fertile Crescent, Hammurabi)

4. Recreation in Mesopotamia (toys, music, games, sports, hunting)

5. Everyday Life (only good for “The Farmer’s Instructions)

6. Cuneiform

7. Mesopotamia: The British Museum (gods/goddesses, warfare, trade, Royal Tomb of Ur, ziggurats)

8. Social Classes

9. Clothing

10. Agriculture

11. Sumerians

12. Royal Game of Ur

13. Hammurabi’s Code

14. Babylon

15. Assyrians

16. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

17. Mesopotamian Tools
no web sites that I could find! :-(