Book Talks by the Senne/Maurer 6th Grade Team

Here are some great books that we've read in our classes. They are arranged by genre and give a brief summary and a rating based on five stars.

Fear street the cheerleaders the second evil BY:?????
genre:Fantasy, Mystery

its about a girl thats sister had died because of this evil spirt this girl named corky is in trouble because the she tried to get ride of the evil spirt but then bad things start to happen again just like before and then during one of her cheerleader practices she realizes that the evil spirt is comeing to kill her likeit did to her sister but she doze not know how it is . during a game she dose a flip off the front of the pyrimade routen and fall and hits the floor did she live or did she die? *you have to read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Written by:Austin
rating: *110%* *11/10*
A MOST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lightning Thief by R. Riordan
Genre: Adventure / Survival, Fantasy

Percy, who recently "vaporized" one of his teachers right before his very eyes, finds himself being kicked out of yet another of countless reform schools. But this time he is not on his way to another school. This time he headed to Half - Blood camp. But this is no camp like we think of. It has more to do with the gods and goddesses and a missing thunderbolt than summer and fun activities. But things really start to feel strange when Percy finds out that he is is being sent on a that is the difference between life and death...for more than just himself.

Written by Mrs. Senne
Rating: Five Stars

The Lightning Thief is one of the best books I have ever read! It has a lot of action, and it has many cool creatures and people in it.-harrison
rating- 5 stars
Twilight is one of the best books i have started reading so far and a short summery what i have read so far. Isabella Swan moves to a town of folks and meets a mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen and she finds out something thats no one else knows about it and it's something strange about Edward. Her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. ~Kayci~
Rating~ 5 Stars

I have that book but havent had a chance to read it!!! It sounds really good and after im done reading Breathe, i am going to read it.

City of Ember is one of my favorite read aloud books. The children of Ember are finished with school when they are 12
years old. "Assignment day" is the final day of sixth grade when each student draws an occupation out of a sack. This
will then be the person's job everyday for the next 3 years! What if you lived in the City of Ember?.......YICKS!!!

Written by Mrs. Maurer
Rating: 5 Stars

the thing i dont get about that is how do they get their food and i dont want there to be a movie because i have such a good picture in my head of the city of ember!!!!

Palace of Laughter starts with a kid named Miles Wednesday who sneakes into a circus and helps a song angel escape. The song angel's name is Little and she is off to save her friend at the Palace of Laughter. They will have to overcome many obsticles to get there. Will she save her Friend with the help of Miles???? There is also a sequal called The Tigers Egg.
5 stars

Meggie and her dad are home one night when Dustfinger comes to see Mo. The next day Meggie, Mo, and Dustfinger all set off on a journey that they will never forget. If this sounds like a really good book, then (if you do read it) there are two sequals to it. They are- Inkspell and Inkdeath.- Dawn rating- five stars (actually ten for the other book Inkspell)

is about a kid who finds out he is from the future and that he suppossed to find a power called firestorm. This book can get a little gross with the lasers and all that stuff. But if you need to read a teen award book look no farther than FIRESTORM!!!!!!
5 stars
Lord Loss- its about a kid named Grubbs Gradyhe is a really bad kid. One day he overhears his sister talking about how she is so scared. So hes over at his aunts house and wants to go over and get something that he forgot. When he gets there he heres breathing behind he opens it and... i cant tell you. This story also invovles a crazy uncle named Dervish,a werewolf, a weird kid named billy, and Lord Loss! This is a pretty scary book so if you dont like scary books DONT READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is also a lot of gross parts including lots of blood. You'll have to read the book to find out the rest of the exiting story.---------------ty c.---------------- ps rating:6000000 stars!!!!!!!!!!(aka 5 stars)

The Cossing by:gary pulsen
The corssing is a good book about a boy in meico that has to beg to live and has to escape many bad places and from many people. If you like sad & eciting books this is a book for you. I would recomed this book to any one who like sad and eciting adventer survivle books!!
*Austin* 10 stars!!
Stone Fox by: John R. Gardiner
Stone Fox is one of the best and sadest books i have ever read. If you find it in the shelf pick it up and read it i garintie you won't be able to put it down. ~
*Jessie *~

Crossing the Wire
Will Hobbs
This book is really good
Tyler H.
5 stars

point blank by:?
this book is about a boy how is a spy for MI6 ,British intelligences, Military intelligences 6 .its really good so I'm not going to tell you any more!!!
P.S.:I recommend this book to any one that likes action books.


Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery by P. Abrahams
Genre: Mystery

Ingrid ends up lost on her way to soccer practice one day, only to meet up Crazy Katie...the local eccentric. Later that day Katie is murdered and Ingrid was one of the last people to see her alive. But Ingrid never told anyone she had been there...inside Katie's house. Did she accidentally leave anything there? She really was in a hurry to get out! Maybe she better go back to the house and check!

Written by Mrs. Senne
Rating: Five Stars

Abduction by P. Kehret This Was one of the best books we have ever read with the class room and teachers . Austin-Trent
Genre: Mystery
This is a story about a boy named Matt and his sister named Bonny . Matt was kidnapped by his own father how likes to gamble .He likes to play baseball and he likes pitching, especially with his sister. They call a fast ball a zinger which is as hard as he can throw .Matt has always wanted a dad. Do you thing he will want one after this?-Austin
Rating( 5 stars)

Abduction by P. Kehret
Genre: Mystery
This book is really good!!!I read this book over & over agin!! The climax of the book was when Bonnie was being told to go to the end of the boat so that her brother's dad could kill her & she hwould fall into the water & die. Oh & when Matt threw that ball && it hit his dad in the back of the neck that was a realef!I was worried that he wouldn't throw the ball!!! - - Kelsey


This book is soooooooo good you have to read it it is about a boy named Alex and he and his cat Pete get caught in a lot of trouble but I wont tell what happens so you better read the book or you are going to miss out on a really really really good book.
-------------Lindsey G

Wow when the teacher read that to us I thought it was good I liked the part when Matt through the ball it is called abduction. The climax went on forever though I liked the part at the baseball game when Bonnie found out who kidnapped Matt. Then he also kidnapped Bonnie!!!:) Rating 5 STARS! Kasey


This book is awesome!!!! I remember reading it last year for my letter to the teacher, and I gave it a 10! And i agree; when Bonnie was at the edge of the boat and her dad was about to kill her, i was freaked out too. when Matt understood what she meant by zinger, that was a real good thing. it sort of reminds me of a show on the discovery channel about a kid that gets tricked out of scool and gets kidnapped.- Sherman P (Harrison) Rating- 5 stars

I loved the book and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I hate Danny because he was so mean to Bonnie and Matt. My favorite part was when they were on the boat and Danny was going to do the most horrible thing anyone would ever do to Bonnie. I give this book 100. $adie

THis was a great book I love the cahracters all but Matt's father. You should really read this book!
janelle rating-5 stars

The Stranger Next Door by P. Kehret

This book is about Alex, he lives on the rich part of town and this boy, Rocky, moves next door and he's a little mysterious. Pete the cat also has some parts helps in this book to find out the mystery. Rocky keeps forgeting his name, sometimes he writes Clifford, when his name is really Gerald, so we're told. What's up with the new family next door???? - Kayla

Meets the Eye By: Christopher Golden
This is the story of a girl named Jenna Blake, a college student who works in an autopsy room. One night a weird thing happens when a detective is out fighting crime he finds out that the criminal has been dead for 3 months. Later a teenage boy is found dead at a party and is alive when a person cuts him open for an autopsy. Then a detective dies at a hospital and is also found alive later on in the month. It's up Jenna and her friends to figure out what is causing all of this.*Sadie
Rating: 5 stars

By: Gordon Korman
Griffin Bing plans a sleepover in a haunted house that's about to be demolished, when he isn't planning on making a fortune. But when Griffin was looking through an old box he saw something.... it was a Babe Ruth baseball card from many years ago! Then he takes it to S. Wendall Palomino (a.k.a. "Swindle") who tricks him out of his card. Now Griffin must get a group of friends together to get his baseball card back. Many things like a menacing guard dog, a high-tech security system , a very secret hiding place, and the fact that none of him or his friends can drive! Griffin is a boy with a plan and even if there are a few things standing in his way..... he is not going to let his fortune that he deserves, get away.
Haley ----
Rating 5 Stars
I've read this book to it is so good i would also give it 5 stars might be my favorite book ever!!!!!!!!!-----------TY CASSUTT
Breathe: a ghost story
by- Ciff McNish
Genre- Mystery

This book is really good!! Im only on page 44 but i am already hooked on the book. Breath is about 4 kids who had died. Ann, she died when she was 14. Oliver, he died when he was 12. Charlie, he died when he was 7. Gwyneth, she died when she was 8. All of this kids died in this one house and are now living together in that cellar. Everyone who moves into that house always dies. So...... Jake and his mom moved into the house. I dont want to give it away so if u want to find out what happens you should read it.
Rating:: 5 stars


Breathe: A Ghost Story
By:Cliff McNish
This book is about 4 kids who are ghost and can't escape from the house because they didn't leave with their loved ones when they died. So they will eventually go to the nightmare passage. But a boy and his mom move into the house and figure out that there is this misterious other ghost who shows Jack these memories of hers. Jack tries to help the kids but can he do it?

Gratfully Yours
BY:Jane Buchanan
Genre: Mystery

This is a great book! If you like sad stories read this book.Trust me you'll cry well atleast I did!It is about a girl named who had a wonderful life A mom, a dad, and a brother. But one day a fire strikes their house and she is the only one to live.!! Then she goes to an orphanage and all the other children go on a train to a small town and people come and take them and they took the girl. She said she would go but she really actually did not want to go with the man. When they got to the his house she got to meet the mans wife she was very ill. Well thats all I can tell you I hope you deside you want to read this book. I loved it and I think you'll love it to!!! -. Ali .
Rating: 5 stars

Ghostly Tales of Iowa
By: Ruth D. Hein & Vicky L. Hinsenbrock
This book is great because actual people from Iowa have seen ghosts in actual towns here. My favorite story was The Cellar Witch because it takes in Clayton County and I've been there many times. But these people were real and it takes place in our state of Iowa. There are so many stories in here and some will scare you and some will make you laugh or make you cry. If you are scary story lovers you will love this book. Sadie
Rating: 5 stars

Ghostly Tales of Iowa

By: Ruth Hein and Vicky L Hinsenbrock
This is a great book. Actually it is on of my favorites. I read it in 5th grade. Just like Sadie's my favorite was probably The Cellar Which. Most of the stories in here scare me and only like 3 make me cry.In the scary books after I am scared they make me laugh. That usually happens after any scary book that I READ.

Thanks for agreeing with me it is a good book and i love it. Sadie

Blood Trial

By Nancy Springer
My book that I read was Blood Trail and it is one of the best mystery books I have ever read and I loved. It is about Jeramany and his best friend gets killed. He is the last one to of seen him alive. This is one of the first murders since 20 years ago. He said to Jeramany before he when home that he was afraid of his twin brother Nathan. But everyone thinks it was Jeramany and won't stop being made and the Nathan's family thinks it's him but it is not. Now Nathans family hates him. Who killed Jeramany's best friend. Who really did it. You will have to read this book. I give it 5 stars.KP

Historical Fiction
Stowaway by K. Hess
Genre Historical Fiction
Nick Young is the Butchers apprentice and he does not like it. He stows away on the
Envender with the help of Samiel Evens. Along the way Nick is discovered and is appointed the nurses assistant. He faces death many times and helps the sick. Nick embarks on a terrific journey with Captain Cook. Will Nick ever see the Butcher again. You will have to read it to find out.
Written by James
Rating 5 stars

Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple
By:Kathryn Lasky
This is a very good book. I read it last year in 5th grade. It is very excellent.
Rated and Written by: Tyler Hosch (HistoryBoy)
Rating: 5 stars

Yellow Star
By: Jennifer Roy
It is an awesome book to read.
My Rating: Five Perfect Stars
Rating and Entry by Historyboy12 (Tyler Hosch)

Realistic Fiction
HEAT by Mike Lupica
You would think a 12 year old boy would be playing video games and watching T.V. But Michael Arrow is playing ball or listening to the Yankee game. And it pays off when you throw
80mph! But when a group of coaches tell Michael he has to find his birth certifictict also El Grandae is his hero keep that in mind also he's Cuban.- Seth.
4 1/2 stars!!!

Takeoffs and Landings
By:Margaret Peterson Haddix
This is about a girl named Lori who has a brother chuck and 3 more siblings. Lori doesn't like her mom very well anymore because her mom goes to different city's to give speeches. One day her mom has to go to some more city's to give a speech but decides to take Lori and Chuck with her because there the oldest out of five children. What do you think happens? Do you think Lori starts to like her mother again?.....Just wait Lori's father died 8 years before this ever happened about her mom giving speeches and taking Lori and Chuck with her. If you really want to know what happens ....READ THE BOOK!~!~! It's a great book! ~Kayci
Rating: 5 Stars

Bratfest at Tiffeny's
By:Lisa Harrison
It's back to school for OCD, but now it has be invaded by boys! What once was a boy free school has turned into a boy crazy one! For Massie, its hard because, she and the Pretty Commity have just decared a boy fast for thier group. Its sort of easy for Massie because she is used to turnong done people. But will the rest of the PC stay or be kicked out? Find out after you read this book!
Rating: five stars

Angels in Pink Raina's Story
This is about a girl named Raina St. James. Raina volunteers at a local hospital and she has to help out in the newborn wing. When Raina volunteers to donate bone marrow she ends up getting a match and something big happens when her mom reveals a big secret about the family. Raina also has an old enemy from middle school come back and it ends up bad news for Raina and Hunter. She has two friends that help her along the way and she might need it when all of these problems happen to her. Read to find out what happens to Raina and her friends as they go through the biggest job of there lives.Reality. Sadie
5 stars
Dairy Queen
So far, I thought this book is kinda weird.
Made By: Tyler Hosch (Historyboy12)
Rating: 1 star
By John Coy
Awesome book I have just finished it.
Rating: 5 excellent stars.
Written and rated by Tyler H.

Amazing Grace
By: Megan Schaul
This a story about a girl named Grace "Ace" Kincaid and she is at the top of her game in the tennis world. But when she calls her mom and says 3 simple words her world turns upside down. She changes everything from her hair to her name. She moves to a place in the middle of nowhere and soon is enchanted by someone there. Grace has to face obstacles like "parties", boys, and fitting in. She also has to keep the old Grace a secret so the press doen't find her. Read the book to see what happens. Does she find a special someone? Will she ever fit in? Who does Grace want to be? Find out by reading Amazing Grace.
Rating: 5 Stars

Science Fiction

The Boxes
By William Sleator
What would you do if you were given a gift and told not to open it? Would you open it?? Well, that's what was faced with. Her uncle dropped off a very strange box at her house, and said, under no circumstances, should you open it. So, it stayed all closed up in her closet for awhile, but soon curiosity got the best of her. She went to her closet, slide out the box and began to feel for a place to open it. What was really strange was that it seemed permanently started to open itself...and something came out!!!

Mrs. Senne

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